Google App Engine – the first WordPress plugin from Google to work with App Engine

Google App Engine for WordPressMore recently, Google has developed the first official plugin WordPress, the name of which is Google App Engine for WordPress. As you understand, the plugin is now available in the library of WordPress.

The main objective of this plugin is that it will replace some of the functionality that is built into the core of WordPress, in order to fully integrate the site into WordPress, on cloud- hosting App Engine, Which is available from Google. In simple words, it is hosting, which is distributed under the GPL license and it is free format domain name

As I said above, is the official plugin and you can download it from the library of plug-ins WordPress.

Now Google has added support for PHP in your engine hosting App Engine, but so far it’s all in an experimental form. In addition, the company has demonstrated that the platform without any problems coping with the load of the management system WordPress. Therefore, the new plug-in Google App Engine can use Google Cloud Storage cloud storage for your own library of media files, as well as for e-mail, via the Mail API.

Google App Engine for WordPress

A very big disadvantage of this plugin is that in WordPress (if he will be on the cloud-hosting of Google), you can not update the kernel, themes, and plugins from within the admin console, but the developers plugin argue that all this is done in order to security.

If you want to try to install the WordPress platform App Engine, then tell me about it, I’ll try to write an article on this subject.

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