Gigabyte BRIX GB-XM1: mini desktop with a mini projector

I think most people prefer non-standard devices that “know how” something that they are unable to other similar models. Recently came across the news of a small desktop PC with built-in miniature media projector. In this case, the PC is quite efficient, it allows the configuration of up to 16 GB of RAM, plus not used a standard hard drive and SSD.

Gigabyte mini projector

In general, the computer may well be used as a home media center, although it may be called a versatile desktop computer. This desktop does not even need a monitor – unless you consider some discomfort while using the projector (by the way, the projector is WVGA), it is quite possible to work without a monitor. himself a PC is not yet available, it was shown at the Computex trade show in Taiwan. Needless to say, there is and disadvantages. For example, the projector can not be called good (as it was possible to guess from its type). First, the brightness – from 50 to 80 lumens, which means you can not normal work / video viewing in daylight conditions. Resolution of the projector – 800 * 480 pixels. course, you can hook up a monitor, and use the product only in the evening / at the closed blinds. In any case, this desktop is interesting, and is likely to find a buyer. And yes, will be several models that differ in the configuration (primarily different platforms: Intel Celeron, Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7).

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