FTP file manager to WordPress. Manage FTP files from the Admin Console

Hello dear friends. Webmasters often need to work with files of their WordPress-site: adjust something, something to add, and so on. To do so, each time you want to connect to FTP, you do it, in most cases, using the FTP-Manager (Total Commander, FileZilla, and so on). Of course, it is possible through the admin panel to edit your template files, but you just edit them, other files on ftp You can thus edit and delete. In this article, we will consider, with which you can work with files FTP-server, right from the Admin Console WordPress, and with all types and the whole list of what you have there. For this purpose we need the plugin WP-File Manager.

So you download the file and then install it, and activate the most important thing. After installing it, in the sidebar admin console (on the left) you will see a new tab to configure the plug-in – FileManager .


Necessarily in the order you need to configure this plugin, as it is installed with all the settings turned off.You only need to specify the extension of files that you can work in this plugin, and specify the operations that will perform: delete, edit, browse, download, and so on.Setting up the plug is in the tab Configure. In order to manage files via FTP console WordPress, you will need to go to the tab FileManager:


The most important thing – it is to follow the site’s security. If your running multiple resource managers, editors, and so on (see the WordPress user roles ), then the responsibility lies with you, they too will be able to edit files on FTP. You can also read the article about how to configure FTP in Total Commander .

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