flexible screen Galaxy Note 3 debut next month

 Galaxy Note 3

In this year’s CES, Samsung had shown a screen with a flexible prototype , butaccording to South Korean media reports , Samsung will be launched next month with a flexible screen Galaxy Note 3, but this version does not mass production, and only in some regions listed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

There had also news that Samsung will launch the LCD screen equipped with “low end” Galaxy Note 3.

  In fact, Samsung’s flagship phone launched against various derivative version precedents, such as the previous Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy S4 Active and so on. “Flagship machine sea tactics” to seize the market, the company has gradually become an important strategy. However, compared to the previous models derived from various flagship, the flexible screen Galaxy Note 3 to better mobilize the curiosity of consumers.

  China State Bank Galaxy Note 3 in September 25 officially on sale, priced at 5,399 yuan. The handset is the first publicly declared support for TD-LTE networks BNM phone, it also supports all mobile network operators in India.

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