Final stage of development for Symbian smartphones

Symbian Belle FP2 is the final stage of development for Symbian smartphones such as the Nokia 808 PureView, 603, 700 or 701, and Refresh to E7, N8 and the first generation of smartphones released in 2010 (except for Nokia 500). However, for all Symbian ^ 3 smatfone continue to go out updates that improve stability and add new features, it makes you wonder why everyone thinks so Symbian dead, forgotten and abandoned?

Symbian Belle

Active community Symbian admirable. Symbian OS were buried two years ago, but still come out as application updates, and for the system itself, there are new programs, new articles on Symbian, such as this one, and even games. It all points to the fact that Symbian is not dead yet, and this is unlikely to happen soon. The article, by reason of which this article was written, Symbian compares with The Rolling Stones, that is, with the classics, and the relatively “new” systems, such as Android and iOS with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. They are incredibly popular and meet the current requirements, but do they have stood the test of time? Now Symbian is not just a trend and it is not what is popular among young people, but it still means a lot to a lot of people is that they are always “listen” to what they like and what they are used, Symbian still long will not forget. The analogy with the pub too apt, all these new nightclubs are very attractive, but it’s nice to go into what some familiar place where the bartender calls you by name, you know where everything is, you know, that it serves, you have even your favorite place , it is very comfortable and cozy. So why do we use Symbian now, in June 2013? Personally, I like the maturity and quality of the system. Symbian has more than 15 years and a lot of the “chips” that still appear in the Android and iOS Symbian appeared in many years ago, for example, such as the deviation of the call smskoy (announced in iOS 6) or multi-tasking (iOS 7), which still has not reached the level of Symbian even repeatedly to improved iron, which is now available, but was not available in the heyday of Symbian.

Symbian Belle 2

Smartphones on this system there are many things which are truly useful in everyday life, such as FM-transmitter, high-quality camera, true multitasking limited only by the resources of the system on which the user has full control, excellent battery life, a file manager (stone in the garden iOS and Windows Phone), excellent maps, and one of the major advantages – the build quality and materials, as well as a unique, unique design. your Nokia phone feels premium nature, delicate work on each element of a design, and systems. Even those who look with disdain on the Symbian can not agree with this (although some of this is carefully concealed). Quality and excellent work Nokia is seen to this day in their Windows Phone smartphones in  Asha. If the phone is inexpensive, it does not mean that it should look like something formless and poor, Nokia is working hard even on budget models. Specific features of the system and smartphone on it is not the only thing that makes people stay with Symbian. I can do the same thing on Symbian as in iOS or Android: receive mail, read and write in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., publish your photos and videos to Flickr, Youtube, I can watch movies and listen music, celebrated in Foursquare, read the news with Pocket, download videos from Youtube and view their news feed, edit photos and apply filters that run routes, Symbian may be my personal trainer, or stick to a diet to help keep me informed of the value of shares lead my to-do list, be my notebook to store my passwords. Yeah, Symbian will no longer be the most advanced and the most popular system, and does all the actions he may be do not stand in the same speed, and a little slower, but I do not need that, I like that he can be a reliable companion in my life, no frills, but with excellent quality, running time and other pleasant things that I really need to Unlike the pile cores, gigabytes of memory, which is almost all occupied by non-optimized system and shell, FullHD display resolution, the benefits of which I’d never see, but that requires more memory, increased power and energy later.The life of the smartphone has decreased greatly in our time, the new models come out almost every day, and the flagship is once every six months. This article has nothing to do with the fact that Nokia is no longer deliver on Symbian smartphones, and is not a “suicide”, all as On the contrary, throw out all the bias and happily use your Symbian smartphone, no one does not take you right out of your hands do not look at the others, those who cry about death, like a madman in an alley in reassuring the imminent end of the world or those who speak that it does not work, it’s nonsense. The modern world is volatile, popular performers replace one another, yesterday Spice Girls and Fatboy Slim, now Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, tomorrow Taylor Swift, but the classic, time-tested, remains. Thank you all for reading, I hope I did not knowingly took your time!

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