Facebook NewsFeed reduce the amount of intrusive advertising

A man is silhouetted against a video screen with an Facebook logo as he poses with an Samsung S4 smartphone in this photo illustration taken in the central Bosnian town of Zenica

Facebook Friday announced the adjustment of advertising policies to reduce the flow of information in NewsFeed users are not interested in advertising volume of goods and services.

  This is to improve NewsFeed Facebook’s latest attempt to make advertising, the business of these companies the importance of the social network is growing.

  Facebook said: “In determining the types of advertisements displayed to which groups of people, we will put more weight back to the ads of feedback, including one report or hide certain advertising frequency.”

  ”If someone is always hidden electronic advertising, we will reduce the number of its display of such advertisements.” The company added.

  Facebook has been trying to highlight the ad, but want to avoid triggering user dissatisfaction. The world’s largest social network has a total of 1.15 billion users, 85% of its revenues are derived from advertising. Facebook said in July this year, each user can see 20 in NewsFeed content, there is a paid advertisement.

  While Toyota and AT & T and other major brands advertising on Facebook, but the company also put a lot of weight loss and teeth whitening a small brand advertising.Analysts said that some users may not welcome these less well-known products appear in their information flow.

  U.S. market research firm ForresterResearch analyst Nate Elliott (Nate Elliott) said, Facebook ads on the latter should be less intrusive side of the page, leaving the NewsFeed high quality ads.

  ”If Facebook allows unattractive ads here, they’ll get into trouble, which would be detrimental to the user experience, but also reduce the value of high-quality advertising.” Elliott said.

  Facebook said that some marketers in the coming weeks “could see their advertising channels change,” but the company did not disclose details.

  Facebook shares Friday on the Nasdaq in regular trading up 1.7% to $ 51.24, the highest in May 2012 the highest closing price since listing.

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