Facebook brand page analysis tool upgrade

facebookFacebook Wednesday released a new version of Page Insights services to help brand marketers easier access Facebook page and user interactive data analysis.

  Page Insights is a panel help page administrators to monitor traffic and user interaction. The latest version of the tool will be all kinds of user interaction data into independent labels, including attendance, praise and participate in interactive total number of users and so on. Page administrators can use these data to the last few weeks or months, comparing the data to better understand user interaction changes the page.

  Upgraded Page Insights tool also helps administrators understand the front page interactive (eg praise and sharing) and negative interactions (such as shielding and reporting) comparison of the situation to determine what kind of content is more welcomed by visitors. Facebook hopes these new features help page administrators better promotion page, provide a user’s favorite content, bringing a better experience.

  Facebook has produced a video explaining the latest features, and guide page how administrators can use this new tool.

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