Doubleclick co-founder counterattack patent extortion lawsuit

Patent extortion (patent troll) company Lumen View patent infringement grounds to ask for $ 50,000 to FindTheBest, company CEO Kevin O’Connor’s response was himself took $ 1 million lawsuit .

  O’Connor is an online advertising giant Doubleclick co-founder, he was very angry, and he knew it was not a rational business decision, but he did not care. He based fraud Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act ( Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act ) were sued for patent extortion extortion.

  O’Connor said that for patent extortionists, many people are reluctant to come forward, as if they were the same triad. He believes that the patent could blackmail the idea of ​​retaliation exaggerated it. The Lumen View lawyers claimed that the patent extortion by someone called a “hate crime.”

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