Digital Camera Sony Cropic, you can edit photos on the go


Almost all images require computer processing: cut too much, adjust contrast, remove red eye, etc.. But with the advent of the camera Cropic , to resort to the use of a computer is not necessary, because the camera is equipped with all the necessary software for editing images.

Cropic, designed by Kim Tae Han , equipped with a 4.6-megapixel lens and a two-way sliding OLED-display, thanks to which the gadget is transformed from a small handheld device into a fully fledged powerful camera with the ability to edit photos. The software allows you to crop images, adjust the focus, adjust contrast and color, clean up unwanted effects as well as sending photos through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to another gadget or post them on social networks.

Cropic also equipped with all the necessary details, inherent in modern cameras: flash, memory card slot, USB and HDMI ports, as well as NFC-tag to charge the gadget. For those who often takes pictures in extreme conditions and in bad weather, created a concept gadget , which can be found in our review of a digital camera EXTreme Utility .

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