How to create a social network on WordPress with WP Symposium

wordpress-symposiumYou already know my dear friends, that WordPress – an excellent system for content management. Basically it is used to create blogs, but lately more and more began to create other types of WordPress sites: news, information, online shopping  and so on.

Especially since I have had time to tell you how you can create an online store into WordPress, using the framework WooCommerce . Now, modern content management system used for the creation of social networks.

Specialized plugin WP Symposium will help make WordPress a very real social network. It is such that each participant of the network will have its own profile, photos, video, chat, and more.

You just need to download the plugin WP SymposiumThen install it and activate it. But I would like to tell you about other add-ins, plug-ins that will help not only decorate and diversify your social network by WordPress.

WP Symposium

This plugin will turn your life into a social network. Each member of this social network will be able to create your own profile, add photos to it, to communicate by chat with other users.

WP Symposium Blog  Post

This plugin is good for those users who want to maintain your own blog, but also in the time to chat with other users community. All of this will be like a social network.

WP Symposium Toolbar

So far this plugin is available for beta testing, but do not forget about him. After all, using it you will be able to customize the components of their social network and choose those that will be required and are available for your participants.


Plugin Wp Symposium is very good for building your own social network based on WordPress . But it’s also not forget that this is not the only solution for WordPress, to create their own social network, good luck to you guys and see you soon.


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