Comments on the new Apple App Store ranking algorithm, a half star rating is also very important

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Today released a new report confirmed, iTunes App Store mobile applications score and ranking will now consider other indicators included in the scope of the application in order to better determine the position in the list. According Appurify disclosed, would affect not only the application score ranking, rising half star rating Rate and comment on activities also have a significant impact. Which in turn helps good applications get a higher ranking. Appurify is one from Google Ventures -backed startup company that provides debugging, testing and performance optimization services.

The report also details the other aspects of the change, including how many stars is the critical point, the value of such application upgrades. This report is the fruit of labor Appurify team two months, there Appurify on August acquisitions cisimple members for their work.

Appurify analyzed the iTunes App Store in the top 1000 applications, including nearly one-third of the game, 62 paid applications as well as 590 in-app purchase free application. Half of this group of applications, application rates higher than 4.5, 75% of applications rated at four stars or more. This finding is not surprising, but Appurify mentioned four star seems to be entering the top 1000 of the minimum requirements.



The company suggested that application developers do not post the presence of large gaps or application performance problems because of complaints would cause the application score decreased. Of course, these words on Appurify own business has also helped, but it is a fact. The company found before, iTunes App Store more than half a star reviews and performance problems, you might have witnessed or heard.

lack of iTunes App Store allows developers and application users to communicate methods, resulting in the application of many developers outside the store looking to collect user feedback, and consumers interact, Appsfire, Helpshift, Apptentive, Appboy, AskingPoint so provide similar tools. These tools are hoping to eliminate the application store in a star reviews, while helping consumers to solve the problem. But now, the consumer-oriented third-party tools will definitely affect the rankings.


Fiksu found before , Apple’s application store algorithms have downloaded and download speed will determine the application ranked as the two major factors, and from July began to affect ranking, today Appurify to confirm this.

Developers can publish updates to fix bugs and performance problems start again, the new score is more pronounced in the app store, consumers in making purchase decisions, first to see the score.


In addition, through research applications received daily comments and ratings, Appurify found higher application rates to attract more daily comments and ratings. Rated at 4 stars and between 4.5 applications, these activities activity increased threefold, showing every half star rating Rate and comment activity may have three times the stimulating effects.

By analyzing the three sections (front 300,300-600 and 600 later) applications, Appurify found that with higher application rates moved up, scoring activity also increases.


The discovery well understood, ranking higher application may have more users (such as 4.5 application downloads is about 3.7 times 3.5 application) and so was also much greater opportunity to comment. Thanks to Apple’s new algorithm, if the developer can add ratings and reviews activities to further enhance the application of the overall score, ranking will rise to their application.

Appurify data scientist Mosey Rama Krishna (Krishna Ramamurthi) explains Dr. score higher taking into account the application of rating activities are more active, and this activity over time have additive effects, Appurify that with time passes, score higher ranked applications are more likely to be pushed higher.

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