Close links from indexing using WordPress plugin WP-NoRef

wordpress-norefPerhaps I have already talked about how you can close your links from indexing WordPress-site, in this article I want to tell you about a wonderful plugin, whose name WP NoRef. The plugin is very simple and can help many users and useful.The main function of the module WP NoRef is closing links from indexing by search engines. For all external references he affix tag noindex, and an attribute nofollow.The first tag is aimed at search engine Yandex, and other attribute is for the search engine Google and other major search engines, but at the moment Yandex also understands nofollow.

Download this plug-in you want to make the following link.After downloading, you must unzip the file and upload file WP-NOREF.php to WP-content /plugins, which is located on the FTP.Then you need to activate the plugin, it is already in the Admin Console.From the console you will not be able to install the plugin, so only do this method.If you want to open the plugin settings, you need to go to the tab

In the first (top) field you need to enter the domain (without symbols www) for those links that can not be closed from indexing in search engines.With regard to the second field (lower) type classes of links that will also not be closed from indexation.All other references that do not fall under your exceptions will be automatically entered in the noindex, and nofollow.

I would also like to remind you that all links will be closed only in the posts or pages WordPress-site.As for the links in the footer,sidebar and so on, and there you will have to close them manually.

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