Cisco CEO John Chambers annual salary of $ 21.05 million rose 80%

cisco-logoAccording to the Wall Street Journal reported that Cisco recently has been cautious about the prospect of spending the technology industry, but it results in the 2013 fiscal year is enough to give its helm a leader for many years to soar reward. Today, the company disclosed in a regulatory filing, as of July 27 in the 2013 fiscal year, CEO John Chambers (John Chambers) total compensation amounted to $ 21,050,000, compared with the previous fiscal year of $ 11.7 million up 80% .

  Their remuneration, including the value of over $ 15 million in stock compensation, this figure is also more than doubled the previous fiscal year. Chambers is also the basic salary of $ 375,000 the previous two years soared to $ 1.1 million. According to Cisco’s non-equity incentive plan, he received $ 4.7 million in prize money, an increase of 19%.

  Chambers, 64 years old, has served since 1995, Cisco CEO, during the company’s share price increased by 5 times.

  Cisco’s fiscal year 2013 revenues of $ 48.6 billion, an increase of 5.5%; net profit of $ 10 billion, an increase of 24%. Cisco said in a regulatory filing, the company’s performance exceeded expectations, thus giving Chambers increase in pay.

  But the next year the company achieved good results again seems unlikely. As from Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Checkpoint Systems Inc. and other companies more innovative competition, Cisco network equipment in the past few years continues to lose market share. In mid-August, the fourth-quarter and full-year earnings conference call, the company also said the company will cut 5% of the employees, about 4,000 people, because of orders from some countries, less than expected. It will take to cut costs, re-focus on growth areas.

  Chambers interview last week that since 2007, the emerging countries have taken up the entire technology industry base. But now, some of the most dependable market growth is questionable. “For the future economic trend I do not have a clear idea in my entire career for the first time this happens.” Chambers said.

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