Charge in 30 seconds. A technological breakthrough from: Eesha Khare

Modern smartphones are quickly discharged and recharged for a long time, thus bringing us a lot of inconvenience. But technological innovation, developed by 19-year-old schoolgirl from California Eyshey Khare (Eesha Khare) , will charge the battery for 20-30 seconds .


Nissan Leaf – is the record holder of the speed of electric charging. Special technology developed for it, allow to carry out this process in just half an hour. Such a breakthrough has occurred recently in the field of batteries for mobile phones. Technical innovation, created Eyshey Khare, reduce the charging time is hundreds of times. A young American girl created a new type of battery, super capacitor-based, high-density data. Thanks to the compact size, it can easily fit in a standard battery of any modern mobile phone and can withstand 100,000 cycles (one hundred times more than conventional batteries.) Use of this capacitor will charge the phone battery in just 20-30 seconds, which is less than the time needed to heat up food in the microwave. It is difficult even to believe in these numbers, but, nevertheless, the technology of Eyshi Khare really works, and it is already interested in the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world.So it should be expected that in the near future will be smart phones with batteries that can be recharged will be faster than brush your teeth. Eysha Khare for his invention has already received an award from the corporation of Intel, is 50 thousand dollars. It is in the international competition Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award and became aware of this promising development.

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