Bill Gates: Time to Say Goodbye?

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates speaks to employees during a farewell event in Redmond

Tiger olfactory note: According to Reuters news, Ballmer announced plans to resign after 12 months, Microsoft founder Bill Gates returned to the people’s attention, there is news that he will be back in control of Microsoft, but today’s news for Gates and seem unfavorable, there are three shareholders to sell their holdings Gates, Microsoft shares, resigned from the Board. The reason is heavy constraints on CEO Bill Gates, cause it can not fully display their fists.

  Compiled by the tiger sniffing the following:

  Sources of Microsoft’s top 20 investments have three people have begun to lobby the board to force co-founder Bill Gates resigned as Chairman of the Board,

  Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been under pressure for a few years time to boost company performance and stock price, but this time, the shareholders for the first time at gunpoint Gates, the industry’s most respected and most influential figure.

  Microsoft spokesman declined to comment on Tuesday.

  Message is displayed, there is no indication that Microsoft will accept three of the Board of Directors hold 5% equity investment in people’s recommendations. For privacy reasons, they require a shareholder anonymity.

  Gates is Microsoft’s largest individual shareholder in the company’s $ 277 billion market capitalization, he holds 4.5% stake.

  Three investors questioned Gates on the board’s performance significantly impede the adoption of new decisions, but will limit the new CEO to make major changes. In particular, they noted that the Special Committee is looking for a successor Gates, Ballmer pivotal role.

  They also cause for Gates Foundation to spend a lot of time and worry – his own equity decreased when more staff made things even abuse.

  1986 before the listing of Microsoft, Gates owns a 49% stake, according to the schedule, he sold about 80 million shares of Microsoft stock, to 2018, Gates will not hold Microsoft shares completely.

  2000, Gates and Ballmer Microsoft CEO positions so, downplayed his role at Microsoft. In 2008, he will focus on the daily work of $ 38 billion worth of “Gates – Melinda Foundation” on.

  August, in the investment management fund ValueAct managers under pressure, Ballmer said he will retire in 12 months. Although the board said Ballmer of Microsoft’s current policy will not change, but Microsoft has been in looking for a new CEO. Ballmer concentrate on the surface plate, Xbox game consoles and other hardware manufacturing business as well as software licensing services. Some investors said the new CEO should not continue this strategy can be.

  Microsoft net profit of $ 22 billion last year, is still the world’s most valuable technology company. But its flagship product, Windows operating system and Office productivity suite is because the PC sales decline, the prevalence of smartphones and tablets while feeling the pressure. Microsoft equity dividends has changed ten years, the company in the field of mobile computing with Apple, Google’s competitive disadvantage.

  Sources said that Bill Gates is the technology industry’s greatest, although one of the pioneers, but investors got the feeling he became CEO better than the Chairman of the Board.

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