Best File Manager Apps for Android Phone’s or Tab’s

The good thing about Android is that it gives us access to the device’s entire file system without requiring any “root” the phone or tablet. Android, the vanilla edition, itself doesn’t include any file manager app but there are literally 100 of apps in the Google Play store that fill the void and let you easily manage files and folders stored on your mobile device. These are the some File Manager  details given below:-

 1. File Expert – An ad-supported file manager app with an easy-to-use UI and the paid version offers some unique features like File Shredder (for deleting files permanently) and Safe Box (for hiding files in a secret folder). The app offers a tabbed interface, commonly seen in browsers, and that makes it easy to jump from one open folder to another.




2. Astro File Manager – Astro is a unified file manager for your local files and the cloud. It can connect to your Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and other cloud storage services and you can thus easily access and mange all your files from one central app. ASTRO is ad-supported and sometimes their full-screen interstitial ads feel intrusive.


3. AirDroid – AirDroid includes a file manager that you can find under Tools -> Files. This is a basic file management app but the real magic happens when you connect your phone to your desktop over Wi-Fi through AirDroid. Once connected, you can access and organize your Android files from the desktop inside a Windows Explorer style interface.


4. ES File Explorer – This is again a feature-rich and extremely popular file management app for Android that has a clean interface and does too many things. It can connect to various cloud services, you can also transfer files from FTP servers and shared folders on your home network plus there’s a disk analyzer app to help you discover the space-hogging files.


To conclude, if you already have any of the above apps on your Android phone, you don’t need to install another file manager app. ES File Explorer is a good option.


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