Battle has become a key move, Microsoft you to wake up!

The face of Apple’s and Google’s threat, Microsoft has been consistent with windows family-centered strategic roadmap, intentions through the integration of handheld, tablet, PC three platforms dominate the market, this idea is clearly insufficient to continue. Microsoft should be two windows and wp as divide and conquer strategy, re-enable the independent wp sector, to create wp ecosystems and wp in the mobile space, focusing on cultivating core values.



2013 is Microsoft anger brush presence of the year, the first major reform of sector restructuring, and then announced that CEO Steve Ballmer is about to retire, and then lightning acquisition of Nokia mobile phone business, this attitude seems to be ridicule and belittle had been making their own media Strong Response: black! I will let you black! Microsoft is where my big fall on where to stand up!

Microsoft is entering the era of the Internet can be described as repeated tasted defeat, expansion to from hotmail mailbox dispute, from to bing search engine of the dispute, to the skype msn im from the battle, and so, the only way consumer Ballmer pleasure that only those amorous Yan Yi. Please serious, life and death is now Microsoft’s rise and fall of my big moment! Battle of Mobile as well as hundreds of millions of Microsoft hosts a Microsoft fan of their believers too much hope, victory or defeat in this one fell swoop! How cite? Also from this year’s three big start.


Sector Restructuring slightly tasteless

Changes in the power sector restructuring means that Microsoft will integrate eight product divisions to four major departments, although a streamlined organization, the integration of resources, but more and more obvious result of restructuring its bureaucratic characteristics. From a business organization to the functional organization of the adjustments that will power concentrated in the hands of four executives, which is obviously opens Houbaoermo era, that is, in these new executives, who will most likely be the next rights inone’s Ballmer, Microsoft will enter the next round of the powers scramble, such a situation is obviously not conducive for Microsoft inject fresh blood, once again denied the Microsoft Innovation hope.

That said, as long as Ballmer is really the result of restructuring of the desired good implementation of the “facilities and services” strategy, then this vertical organization is also worth remarkable, after all, Microsoft has lost its hegemony on the road direction, a radical reform right now Microsoft is too difficult.


Ballmer just stood in the wrong location

“As long as Ballmer is still at the helm, Microsoft will not pick up.” Steve Jobs, who had been said. Despite the media had become sarcastic Ballmer evaluation, even Wall Street capital markets for outgoing messages Ballmer Microsoft shares surged 7 percent in the form of relentless mockery, but you underestimate me Bao Ge, and I Baoge but ups and downs through Vanity Fair, who are so easily explode lung people do?

Ballmer is actually very high IQ, is a rare case of hundred people, but the wrong position, and was a good base Gates classmates much spoiled it. Ballmer reign of 13 years, Microsoft’s performance did not decline, but along the slow walk on a smooth curve, but the company has tripled revenues, profits doubled, which is sufficient to prove that he is an excellent business persons. Ballmer era behind a screen in the lid’s ruling empress, and not due to changes in the market to make timely judgments, just continue to focus his philanthropic Bale.

Thus blogger finds Gates comeback after retirement if Ballmer, Microsoft can not turn the tide before defeat. Perhaps Gates definitely did not expect, once arrived at the peak of career, stepping down gracefully understated charitable themselves, but the times are now once again pushed to the cusp.

Microsoft has been a former Microsoft, but times had not ever era. Now, facing the world’s cynicism, I Baoge really want to shout: ” I am not wrong, is the world! “(Gates tears head that Bao Ge said:” My dear, you retire the inverted relief, now the world’s eyes they stare at me, I pressure Alexander.. “)


Acquisition of Nokia is necessary

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone business is necessary for the Battle of the road. Why is it necessary? Nokia has exquisite craft design, a large number of patents, good brand, rich mobile device industry experience, these are Microsoft wants started the Battle of smart mobile necessary. Two years ago, coupled with Nokia Andrews refused the invitation and blindly adhere to independent strategic partnership with Microsoft to use wp system, a step by step themselves in a dilemma, and now, in addition to the option to commit himself to Microsoft, no other way. Which although Microsoft Trojan horse component, but still feels like the same fate.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone business, to some extent, take care of the Google acquisition of Motorola, but also to achieve a “soft and hard” Combining the purpose of catching iphone, but Microsoft’s mobile strategy certainly unlike Apple, unlike Google, but rather than Apple’s “open “surpasses Google” closed “kind of” open source is not “strategy, in the interest of Microsoft’s tradition, its effectiveness has yet to be of time and market identification.


War around the corner, Microsoft to wake up

Today, the three pillars of the industry has become, moving in front of World War II, in the face of Apple’s and Google’s threat, what kind of strategy is suitable for Microsoft’s current layout? Microsoft has been consistently with windows family-centered strategic roadmap, intentions through the integration of handheld, tablet, PC three platforms dominate the market, this idea has long been insufficient to continue, and even once had a calm interfere with the PC industry, and made downstream partners exhausted.

In fact, wp is a good system, which draws on the essence of traditional windows desktop platform, smooth operation experience comparatively good, but have some innovation, and ios, android compared to just lose too late to enter the market, the lack of a sound ecosystems, the lack of platform to continue to innovate, the lack of developer’s appeal, which are available through Microsoft’s advantage (financial, human, practitioners base) to work back.

In fact, Microsoft is capable of, only the lack of a reasonable right strategic direction. There are a number of industry analysts have suggested that Microsoft should be two windows and wp as divide and conquer strategy, re-enable the independent wp sector, to create wp ecosystems and wp in the mobile space, focusing on cultivating core values. Bloggers think that this view than large unified thinking to fly much, after all, the current wp sense of presence is too low.


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