Basic security plugin in WordPress

security plugin in WordPress

security plugin in WordPress

In this paper, we consider the list of basic plug-ins that are designed for the safety of WordPress.You first need to think about the safety of this, because you know that safety comes first.

In this article, we’ll cover the plugins that will help secure your site or blog on the CMS WordPress, you just need to choose the ones that you’ll actually use.

AnonymousWordPressPluginUpdates.With this plugin, you can check the updates to WordPress from an anonymous (ie, the server will not be sent all the details of your resource).

AntivirusWordPress.From the name itself you can understand that this is an antivirus that will check your site or blog.It starts to scan all of your template files, plug-ins, and if it finds any suspicious nuances, it sends you a notification.

Anti-XSSAttack.Very popular, simple plug-in that is designed to protect your life from various XSS-attacks.

AskApachePasswordProtect.This plugin is designed for additional password.That is, it sets up the entrance to the admin part, an additional password that is stored in the file. htaccess.

Belavir.With this plugin, you can monitor all of the changes that are taking place with the files on your WordPress-site.

BadBehavior.This plug is designed to fit some users restrict access to your resource.The ban is carried by IP-address, the plugin uses a spammer.

ForceSSL.This plug-in allows the user to organize your resources over an encrypted connection SSL.That is, all of the data to be transferred, they will be encrypted, and the attackers can not intercept them (seehtts setting for the site).

LimitLoginAttempts.Quite popular plug-in, by which we can limit the number of attempts to enter the administrator console.

LoginLockDown.This plug-in is similar to the previous one, but with the only difference being that it has more functions and settings.

LastLogins.With this plugin you can keep track of those who attended your Admin section: With public addresses, usernames and at what time, you can also specify whether failed logon attempts.

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