The basic rules of promotion of the website in WordPress

SEOIn order to successfully develop and promote your site on WordPress, it is necessary to solve some problems. CMS WordPress has its own characteristics, and working with it, you need to work in several directions: to get a positive result at promoting the site by WordPress.

Web site promotion onWordPress

In this article, we look at the major challenges that must be addressed in order to achieve maximum results when promoting your site that is based on a content management system WordPress.

Page “About”

It’s important to fill out a page on the site, if not, then create it.Write on it something about your company, or about you: what a fact of life and so on.All this will increase the confidence of visitors, especially if you sell any products or services.

Author’s block

If over the work site employs multiple editors: authors, moderators and so on, it will be good if you create a separate unit, which will publish information about each author.This way, you can also increase the confidence of users.You can look at how to createarchitectural block on WordPress.

Mobile Site

It is now very popular mobile phones and tablets, develops mobile Internet.And more and more people are using these devices is to browse the Internet.So you should take care of that on your resource present mobile version of the site, because if it is not, then you may lose some of the visitors (see howto create a mobile versionof the website in WordPress)

Contact information

Your resource must also reside information to contact you.No matter:’s personal, or else your company.The more different options to communicate with you, so it is more convenient for a variety of users.


Excellent would be if you are on the footer (footer) of the resource, put some information.Most importantly, it was useful and well executed.

Popular Posts

If your resource is present unit with popular entries on your website, it can attract additional visitors’ attention, allowing you to increase thebehavioral factors.There are lots of methods, and most importantly plugins WordPress, which allow you to organize a block on the site.

Social Networks

In order to enable users to share the content of your site, must be bolted to the site can publish it in a social network.This is done by setting specific widgets.

Similar records

Also an excellent way to attract more attention of users and thereby increase the behavioral factors.To create a block of similar records and there are a lot of plug-ins and techniques.


Provide the opportunity to comment on your posts, and convenient way for visitors.It may be worth to connectan external commenting system, or add a comment form with popular social networks.

Subscribe to Comments

Give visitors the opportunity to not only comment on your record, but also subscribe to comments.After all, they have to be aware of changes in a particular branch of your site, where they took part.

Subscribe to updates

Also an important step.Do not forget to update your website to provide a variety of methods.After all users are different and every want to watch for new life in different ways.

Easy navigation

In order to allow users to quickly get the hang on your resource, you need to create a very simple and easy to navigate on the resource.Visitors should be very easy to find the information on it.


Web site promotion onWordPresshas some nuances.The most important thing to make the necessary optimization of the site, which was described above.In other words, make convenience for visitors in the first place.

Therefore, if you follow the data points, then easily prepare a resource for subsequent promotion.And from then on can use different types of promotion: purchase links Stateyny promotion, advertising and so on.

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