Basic plug-ins for creating sliders on pages WordPress

slider show in wordpressMost recently encountered such a problem that I needed a slider of the photos in the articles WordPress, either on the same page.That is, I do not have was a slider on the main page, I needed a photo of it, so that users can get comfortable flipping pictures.

Agree, because the sliders are pretty good to decorate your website, and most importantly, visitors will be able to share good to pay attention to him.Therefore, I will present you the basic plug-ins to create a slider on your site pages WordPress, and will participate in the compilation of both paid and free plug-ins.

Paid Plugins

SliderRevolution.Excellent plugin to create a slider for mobile devices and traditional computers, and in the adaptive version.It has a lot of options, effects, and excellent SEO optimization.

Pre-loading photos, preview, lots of effects and other possible options, it’s all possible with the plugin Slider Revolution, its price is 15 dollars.

RoyalSlider.good, adaptive plug-in to create a slider on your site.You can create it perfectly on all types of sites: blogs,WooCommerce, websites and so on.Made using the technology of CSS3 and HTML5, to create a gallery you can not just photos, but also video from Youtube and Vimeo.The price of this plug-in – $ 20.

LayerSlider.With this plugin, you can create a slider, using multiple layers, use it an unlimited number of photos.The settings are applied separately for each layer, which is very convenient and makes it multifunctional.The cost of it is $ 15.

FaceBookLikeBoxSlider.Excellent plugin social slider.It has a great design, very easy to install and set up, using it you can get more subscribers, likes, and most importantly –traffic.The cost of the plugin is 15 dollars.

All In One Banner Rotator.This plugin is available in five versions, which means you can make the sliders in 5 different ways.As with previous plugins – has a lot of options, and is easy to install and set up, the price – $ 18.

TouchCarousel.It is designed to create a slider from the content and perfectly optimized for mobile devices, that is scrolled when the user touches on it.Has a lot of templates and settings, its price is 21 dollars.

PremiumFeaturedPostsSlider.Constantly updating plug-in that has good grades in the plugins directory of WordPress, has a ton of features, easy to install and set up, the cost of it – 20 U.S. dollars.

KenBurnerSlider.Excellent fit in any design WordPress-site, so you can think about acquiring it, because it also has excellent functionality and is very easy, in turn, to use.Price – $ 13.

Free plug-ins

FlexSlider.Adaptive plug-in that allows you to create high-quality images of sliders.It has a fairly good estimates in the directory plugins.

MetaSlider. Plugin, which is great for creating and managing a slide show, you can choose the 4 th different versions of the slide show.The free version has limitations, but I chose it, it looks like this:



LenSlider.said that a great plug-ins to create a slider inWordPress, but to me, how much, then, could not install it yourself, and try out, perhaps you get and you tell more about it?

WOWSlider.Honestly, at first, I wanted to use this plugin to create your own slider on the resource.It is simple to install, and to create the slideshow themselves, the company provides a program that then generates a file, and you are downloading it to your site.It is very effective and has a lot of options and effects, but I refused it, as the free version, it is in the photo affix their logo and a link to the site.

IvyCatAjaxImageSlider.If you want to quickly and easily add your excellent slider, which consists of images, you can use this plugin.

Oik-Nivo-Slider.many he is considered one of the most popular plug-ins for creating JQuery-slider-image, do not believe, so try out for yourself.

Full Width Background Slider. With this plugin, you can add different, and most importantly, full-screen sliders of the images has a number of settings, functional, easy to install and use the most.


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