Apple will create a giant smartphone

appleApple Inc. released the news that it was considering the possibility to significantly increase the screen size of some of its next-generation smartphones. The news of this was posted on the portal site, as well as repeatedly confirmed by the official representatives of the media.

You will see smartphones with “huge” screen can be as early as 2014. To date, scheduled for release two smartphones project, one will be a 4.7-dyuymouvym screen, and the second with a 5.7-inch drive. For comparison, the iPhone 5 diagonal is 4 inches, and the diagonal of the earlier smartphones and no more than 3.5 inches.

Also in the news said that the company continues to work on the project of “cheap smartphone”, the value of which is not the first U.S. $ 100. Also, the economy version devaysa will be produced and sold in packages of different colors, not just black and white.

Cheap iPhone will be available in September and October this year, and as for other new company, they will be sold at the usual price.

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