Apple wants a transparent smartphone

Technology giant tries to prevent pedestrians distracted by their phones collide with cars or light poles
The Cupertino company may launch in the future, a device that could emulate transparency, although it would be a kind of trick, so the Spanish Middle ABC reveals who explains that Apple recorded a new project in the Patent and Trademark United States (USPTO for its acronym in English) related to a system that will allow users to type on your phone while walking without bumping into obstacles.

Apple pantenta new project. (Photo Special)

Apple pantenta new project. (Photo Special)

To this end, the bottom of the screen will show through the camera that is front of the device. That rear camera phone video footage collected continuously as the user, so you could get the effect of the device is transparent.


Thus, the technology giant wants to prevent pedestrians distracted by their phones colliding with lampposts and cars. “Even if a user stands still as you type, exposed to hazards or potential embarrassment if you are so focused on the screen of your device is not aware of changes in the environment,” the company said in the text of the application number 20140085334.

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