Apple iPhone5 lockout should or should not be ashamed?


In response to competition, especially from Samsung majestic development trend, we can say that Apple introduced a hurry iPhone5 , now in iPhone5S and iPhone5C launch, was discontinued iPhone5 , while iPhone4S not in the column. This also shows that the original iPhone5 is the emergence of a failure. An elongated iPhone , and no more traits, such as Apple products shut down is normal. But now update product out, or did people see Apple’s “recovery” passion.
This time the market rumors that Apple will release simultaneously in the Chinese market two products, and also broke move may also be involved, to become Apple’s operational support provider. However, I still do not optimistic about Apple these two products to gain more market opportunities. Perhaps in the share of the smartphone Apple will occupy an important seat. However, the high prices of the two products in the high-end market has become increasingly saturated, so the price in exchange for much fruit powder orientation of the stick?
Especially puzzling is iPhone5C the price is very high, so the price of cheap apple nerve to say it? This shocked many small partners ah? Is this not at the expense of the passion fruit powder do? Relative to China’s domestic manufacturers thousand price system structure, it is the cheap mobile phones. Apple called “cheap” Is it just 800 dollars difference? It is no exaggeration to say that Apple is too arrogant. Too highly of fruit powder can be sustained enthusiasm and longing force Apple products.
But when Samsung’s Galaxy series of products released after the people’s vision began to change it. The Nokia Lumia recovery within a certain range, and now the acquisition by Microsoft, Apple will inevitably initiated intense assault. This is Apple in the smart phone market is facing a number of variables. Indeed, Apple in the smartphone market has created a complete ecosystem. Not just relying on the hardware can also get a good income. But the hardware is the most basic carrier, when a user of Apple’s hardware products are not so much looking after Apple rely Swordsman?
In fact, Apple should seriously reflect on the top. Why iPhone5 did not get the kind of previous achievements and glory? Why Apple can not really introduced for low-end products? Why in the entire mobile phone market began to turn the big screen, Apple still stick to their stubborn?
Original new products to market should have a good market expectations, but the capital market does not give Apple to bring up, but rather down a little. This also shows that the capital market Apple’s new product is not very optimistic about the future expectations. In fact, Apple has always been a dazzling performance of earnings, but in the second quarter suffered no small blow, especially Apple’s most valued Chinese market. Apple’s global market quarter total revenue up slightly increase 1% , while net profit plunged 22% . There is also a concern that Apple’s Chinese quarter revenue fell area 14% , of which Hong Kong revenue fell 20% , while the mainland market growth of 5% is the lowest growth rate.
Before, the market has some analysts said that in Europe, the United States and other developed markets, targeting high-end market, iPhone has been showing signs of saturation, Samsung and other top manufacturers faced with fierce competition. In addition, in the Chinese domestic market, China Cool Alliance, millet and other domestic Jin Meizu Android phone at an affordable price swept the mid-market. This is Apple’s difficult to contain. Because of the price gap between the big advantage, China’s domestic manufacturers of smart phones share increased a lot, and has gradually gained the reputation of users, this is a very good trend. This time, Apple’s iPhone5C price does not lower end of market expectations, the opposite is the high price is not small, just also stimulated the enthusiasm of local Chinese manufacturers and low-end market for plunder, which is definitely not a good apple messages. Instead it may be more hinder Apple in China market rebound.
After all, China is Apple’s second largest market after the United States. With the gradual saturation of the U.S. market compared to China’s market potential is huge. China is the world’s largest smart phone market. Every three global smartphone shipments, there is one in China. Market research firm expects China’s smart phone shipments will be rapid growth in 84% . If you are not successful in this market, then Apple’s next fight a big question mark. This time, once the market speculation will move into the ranks of Apple began selling Apple products. But not yet finalized, if the two sides could not agree, then Apple in China market rebound is almost a wish for.
Apple first conference held in China, and the Chinese market is a fancy among the first offering huge opportunities in this market. But unfortunately the price positioning, Apple users rely on to win China’s desire to buy?

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