Apple China exclusive conference video conference, the United States is actually the replay!

apple china

Said Apple’s attention to the Chinese market are pit.

Apple on September 10 in the United States headquarters Cooper Tino new conference, a change in the usual host a conference in the United States only to the habit of the 5th Apple sent invitations to the domestic media, for the first time in China to hold a separate new conference . When Apple told the media, the press conference will be held in China at 9:00 on September 11, held in Beijing’s China World Trade three, at the point in time just eight hours later than the United States, when there is news that Apple has with cooperation between China Unicom and China Telecom leaders will attend the conference, but China Unicom official said, the leadership has not been determined whether it will participate.

Is now at 10:00 on September 11. Full of excitement to get the Apple invitation various media now three in a small conference room ITC. Sitting in a row on a makeshift bench.They are in front of a projector, the above play a shocking eight hours before the press conference held in the U.S. live replay.

At this point I think the hearts of those reporters around shouting: without such a pit father, right?

Also yesterday, the press conference there is little let everyone stunned. We thought this was Apple’s launch of the low-priced market for low-end version iPhone5C. In fact, selling is not cheap. 5S is the main model in China, the price is 5288 yuan, 5C price actually reached 4,488 yuan. There is the media had predicted iPhone5C before the price may be as low as 2,000 yuan.

According to Apple’s past experience, are enjoying the conference replay media do not expect to have a much more favorable treatment. September 13, 2012, Apple released iPhone5, when is the next day the Japanese media in Tokyo arranged videos watched it again , and then brought the real machine experience. The problem is what the real machine, the conference is not open it will have been exposed over ……

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