Another security hole in Skype

In autumn 2012 a respected community is already discussing a vulnerability in Skype. The discussion was held on all major news sites and was widely publicized that went very well, as a result, Microsoft have finally closed this vulnerability. The purpose of this article is similar to – bring the problem as much attention in the hope that Microsoft will respond and fix its security system on Skype.

skype banned

Through this hole is impossible to hack skype account, but the consequences could be even sadder. A security Skype is a service by right-clicking on the contact from the context menu, you can select the “Block this person” and put a check mark in “Report Abuse this subscriber.” This service works great and helps in the fight against spam . But as always there were “enterprising” and users are now using the service in the “struggle with unwanted” Skype users. How it works – you can do a search for login and directly from the search block and report to do or knowing login, simply call the menu via skype: insert_username_here? menu . According to preliminary calculations enough 9 (maybe more) of these complaints and the account is automatically blocked. Now, these latter-day “hackers” are already being collected in groups, arranged through social services. information network which account you want to block, and he is locked in a very short time. now the most unpleasant – support Skype does not consider any specific cases automatically lock your account. One answer – you have violated paragraph 6.3 of the Terms of use Skype. As a result, it turns out – if you have important contacts, correspondence history, beautiful and memorable username to which you have long been accustomed to paid subscription money on the balance sheet etc. you will lose it all and for all. Hijacked account can be restored through a support, proving that this is your account, but in this case, to prove something useless. forum on Skype, this problem has long been discussed, here’s one of those , but unfortunately nothing has changed.This writer personally suffered from the loss of the account, but maybe someone does not think the situation with automatic locks on Skype problem, please discuss it in the comments.

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