Android-year-old Happy Birthday!


Today, Google has finally five years old, little green men!

  Five years ago, Google officially released the first version of Android, and launched the first generation of pro-son phone. Conference is very grand, Google co-founder Sergey Brin and Larry Page with appearance of this conference.

  Five years later, Android has become a popular global mobile operating system, spreading from a HTC G1, and now runs in the billions of smart phones and tablet.

  Android development team veteran member of the Des Smith aftertaste on Google+ today said that he still remember five years ago today, “We are a group of people with a small team of 44 in Mountain View, California Building work for several months, when I even could not sleep with excitement. “

  Early Android development team talent, in addition to Des Smith, there is now Google vice president Hiroshi Lockheimer, Keva Nelson, David Conway, Grace Kloba, Peisun Wu, Erick Tseng, German Bauer and soul before Android Andy Rubin.

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