AMD next year push into the embedded processor market

amdAccording to the Taiwan industry chain manufacturers to disclose, AMD next year will push into the embedded processor market.

  Before, AMD has announced between IP and ARM technology licensing cooperation, access to ARM processor production mandate to strengthen the integrity of the embedded product line. Reported, AMD-related products in addition to the application on the server which will also be embedded into product roadmaps were.

  AMD plans to launch next year embedded products, including the use of the x86 architecture APU and CPU, as well as high-performance power than the ARM processor and embedded graphics products.

  According to industry chain manufacturers to disclose, AMD will launch the second quarter of next year, code-named “Falcon” of the ARM embedded processor, but also the first use of 64-bit architecture of ARM products.

  In the PC market malaise occasion, AMD aggressively pursue growth opportunities in the embedded industries. AMD embedded products for game consoles, video equipment, industrial products, digital signage, medical imaging, automotive electronics and intelligent digital products and so on.

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