#AmazonCart: Add it Now. Buy it Later. Shop from within Twitter.

amazon-twitterInternet retailer number 1 in the world Amazon closer to the clients to the distance of one hashtag microblogging service Twitter , received an additional sales channel and an effective advertising channel. To make a purchase directly from twitter now enough to put hashtag # AmazonCart and write in the same tweet with a product name. After that, it will be added to the cart. Importantly, the tweet will be displayed with your order total tape posts. Therefore, each perfect order so will be visible to all subscribers of the channel along with other tweets.

In the Amazon believe that in this way the company will increase the number of sales and the attractiveness of the store from buyers.

In fact, Amazon has received a very powerful and high-quality advertising channel. After all, every Twitter user may not even be one hundred subscribers, and if each of them will see the purchase person whose opinion is trusted, then surely interested in the proposal and its retailer.

It seems that this is another step in the confrontation between the two giants e-commerce: Amazon and Google Shopping. Recently, we reported that Google bought the startup to track emerging trends in online trading.

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