Amazon will start selling 3D-printers

3d-printerOne of the world’s largest online selling site  Amazon started selling 3D printers. First it was announced from the message in the news section of the resource. Later, the news has repeatedly appeared in various media outlets. In fact, this web site is the first internet portal that sell such equipment. Already, Amazon Visitors can choose for themselves any printer. The range of the retailer to date 16 different models of printers, including such well known brands as Fabbster and MakerBot. The least affordable printer is U.S. $ 1,100 (printer JET), and the cost of the most expensive is $ 2,400 U.S. (printer Airwolf 3D). Administration of fine ponimalaet, the fact that the new 3D printers are expensive, and therefore opened a section where you can buy and “supported”, it lucky owners of 3D printers, can get rid of their property for a reasonable price.  Along with the sale of 3D printers, pages riteleyra Amazon came all sorts of gadgets to printers, spare parts and tools for repairs. In another special section of the portal buyers can find everything you need for 3D-printing, in particular 3D models, which are located in the file of the portal exchanger Amazon. The discussion that users will be able to use the 3D-printers for self-proscribed items to trade, was closed after May 2013, the network appeared the first model of a plastic gun “printed» 3D printer.

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