Adobe introduced Lightroom for iPad

Plates were gradually transformed from a means of content consumption in more and more powerful tool. Most recently, Microsoft has introduced a touch version of Office suite of applications for the platform Apple iPad, which includes many advanced features editing documents, previously available only on desktop systems. Now Apple has announced Lightroom mobile – a tablet version of powerful desktop software for editing and organizing photo collections.

Lightroom mobile can be used as a standalone application, although designed as a portable extension Lightroom 5. An automatic sync photo collections between mobile and desktop environment, allowing subscribers Creative Cloud service can edit pictures away from the workplace and always have with you the latest images.

Much of the work on editing pictures can be done in Lightroom mobile, and finally modifying them using a basic desktop tools. Mobile version includes many famous users Lightroom tools, including adjustments to the exposure, color temperature, brightness, shadows, saturation and so on. Available treatment options harvested Lightroom, cropping tool pictures and view histograms touch the screen with two fingers and a view of the original image on the touch three fingers

Lightroom mobile editing tools provide the same features as the desktop version, but the application does not include many of the tools. For example, you can not edit the tone curve, modify individual color channels or apply your own blanks. Some advanced tools can appear later in Lightroom mobile, but Adobe does not exclude that between the mobile and desktop versions will never be functional parity, as the company aims to represent the function separately for each platform.

However, Lightroom mobile editing capabilities are highly developed, primarily through the use of technology Adobe Smart Preview – small thumbnail and compressed files based on the original RAW, which allow you to get the benefits of RAW-editing on a mobile platform.

Thumbnail files enable fast enough for processing plates: even on the original iPad mini application shows the result of editing almost immediately. The data about editing Smart Preview without loss of information transferred from the plate to the original RAW files on the desktop platform.

Adobe promises that this year will also be issued Lightroom mobile version for the iPhone. Moreover, in the long term and is scheduled for launch version for Android-powered devices. It should be added that although Lightroom mobile is free to download, use the application can only subscribers Creative Cloud (minimum cost of $ 10 per month). Even those who have purchased a full version of Lightroom 5 without a subscription are not able to take advantage of the mobile application. Of course, for some it is a big disappointment, but for many Adobe Lightroom mobile subscribers will be a very useful and convenient tool for working with photos outside the operating PC.

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