Add the Live Chat on WordPress site

Live-Chat in WordPress

Live Chat on WordPress

Friend agree that technology is constantly evolving and sites must be modernized, to improve, to introduce some new features and so on.Users can communicate with you through comments, forum, contact form, but do not forget that there are other options to communicate with you and the users.

If you enjoy a variety of services that provide the ability to create a chat or a voice of support to users and customers, then you will be able thereby to diversify their means of communication with users or customers.Therefore, if you install on your own website or bloglive-chat, then you will be able to communicate directly with theirtarget audience, which means that the client will know, reader, or an ordinary visitor’s face.

Add theLive-Chat inWordPress

If your resource will attend the chat room, users will be able to ask you to absolutely any issues with them and you can ask.We begin to consider plugins and services that allow you to add chat to your website.

FlexyTalk –LiveChat

Is a free plug-in that is easy to configure and install.You can use this service and as a widget that can be positioned on your page in the social network, for communication with customers is always needed.Especially the look you can adjust to any design.If you have a website designed for customers, then this plug-in refers to the number of required plug-ins for WordPress.


You can try the test period, which you provide, or simply go to the free rate.


Is quite popular plugin and have gathered a lot of positive feedback.It is more suitable for making calls, that is, for sites where there is a customer base that is constantly interested in something.Users can click on a button on the site and call you, and the fun, you also can make and receive calls on your mobile phone.This plug-in you can also combine with Skype.



Easy to install, and most importantly to set up.There are a number of features and are compatible with a variety of services.


Is already paid plugin, but with a very affordable price for many users.After activating it adds to every page of your site pop-up window for further communication with you.The window looks like this is the chat window on the social network FaceBook.If you do not have on the site, users will receive the usual form to contact you.



You do not have to make monthly payments and subscribe to its purchase.You get the amount of plug-in once.In addition, you will be able to customize the color scheme for your chat that will fitthe design.

Can you keep a log of correspondence, to further analyze it, or else apply for their actions.One can say that the price would match the quality and you will not regret it.

Other plug-ins for the organization of “live” chat

  • ChatbyWPMUDev– great plugin, by which we can organize a chat session with the visitors.Its one drawback – he paid.
  • Comm100– plug-in with which you can connect the Comm 100 Live Chat to your WordPress resource.
  • WPLiveChat– this plugin allows you to add a great chat on any page of the resource.Its disadvantage is also the fact that he paid.
  • LiveChatCassengo– You are free to use it on the same site.Plain and simple chat you provided.
  • WPLiveChatSupport– great version of the chat on your resource, and most importantly, free.

Voice message on your site

If you are organizing such an opportunity, diversify further communication with you.Especially for someone, it will be very convenient.There are a number of plug-ins that allow you to organize your voicemail online.


SpeakPipe – Great service that allows users to send voice mail to you, at the same time they need to call a cell phone.



The plugin itself is provided by developers for free, but you need to have an account on the service SpeakPipe, and choose the tariff plan.

The most important thing is that all the messages that will be sent to you users are stored on the server SpeakPipe, so you do not have to think about where to store the messages.

WP Squawk Box

Refers to a series of premium plugins, which allows you to record a voice message using a headset or microphone.

If you compare it with the plugin SpeakPipe, all voice messages are stored on your site.You can also configure notifications to come to you at the email address that someone left a voice message.

ContactCall +Skype

With this plugin you can add a button to “call»(call me) on Skype, on your resource.If you activate voicemail on Skype, you can get a very interesting relationship with you.


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