A quick check of external links in WordPress. Plugin Theme Authenticity Cheker

external links in wordpressHello everyone! Today I would like to talk about how you can easily define where and how the “left” external links are in your template, WordPress (topic). We are with you something similar took place, were removed manually link, but to find them, we need to determine where they are. You can use the online services that are able to show how many inbound links placed on your site, but you can use the plugin Theme Authenticity Cheker (TAC), which checks for external links in the template.

Moreover, it not only determines a way to show what part of the reference pattern is located and, in some cases, even in any row. Yes, the plugin is very good scans your theme for the presence of malicious code, do not forget to read on the subject the following:

  • What is PHP Shell
  • How to detect viruses on your WordPress site

Now very smart people who download a free template, it is encoded into your links and place the template for download. This is known as a way to promote the use of templates WordPress . So against such people and was created by the plugin Theme Authenticity Cheker. You can download it from the official plugin library WordPress. Then, install it and activate. After that, you can begin checking your order.

To do this, go to the admin console and type: Skin- TAC . After this plugin to offer you check each topic, which is available on your hosting . If the topic you will see a message Theme Ok!, it means that your topic is not malware, but can be static or coded references.

external links in WordPress

To see where and what the links are in your topic, be sure to click Details , and then will open a list, which you will understand: which line and which file here’s the link. If the link coded, you have to decrypt it, so my advice is to read the article:

  • Quickly decode footer in WordPress
  • Decoding base64 in WordPress template

That’s it, now you know, how you can quickly and easily find the links in the templates WordPress, as well as get rid of them. Good luck and see you in the new articles!


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