17 Free WordPress Plugins for Woocommerce

woocommerce-pluginsWe are with you talked a lot about the development of an online store on the WordPress framework and Woocommerce. Therefore, we continue to consider all possible plug-ins, features, and so on to make multi-store by WordPress. As for this article, here we consider the additional plug-ins and modules that will enhance the functionality of our online store.

Woocommerce Admin Bar Addition. This plugin is designed to help you manage your resources. It allows you to add Woocommerce-related resources in your admin console.

Genesis Connect for Woocommerce. This plugin is designed to integrate with the framework framework Woocommerce Genesis, as well as its subsidiaries, templates and themes.

WooCommerce Predictive Search. Plugin can add to your website predictive search. The search is performed on all of the databases, which allows to give accurate results for the user.

WooCommerce Compare Products. This plugin allows you to compare with each other products and goods Woocommerce. It is easily integrated into child themes Woocommerce.

Woocomerce Print Invoices & Delivery Notes. Able to print invoices and notifications related to the delivery of goods.

WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery. Adds to Your Online Store gallery with images of the goods. This uses technology-loading images that will not load web hosting , and it’s very well will affect the speed of your life.

Woocommerce Product CSS3 Tags. way to add to your store tags CSS3, as well as a variety of effects.

Woocommerce FaceBook Like Share Button. Adds a button social network FaceBook, which allows users to share products, and recommend them in this social network.

WooCommerce Multilingual. Lets make a multilingual virtual store. Therefore, if you need to make online store in several languages, then this plugin is for you.

Store Exporter. Maybe export the data about your online store in the CSV-file.

CSV Importer. If you have products formed in the CSV-file, then this plugin is able to import them into Woocommerce.

Affiliates WooCommerce Integration. This plugin is able to do on your resource partner program , which will increase your sales.

WooCommerce Grid / List toggle. Adds a function with which you can switch between the grid, as well as a list of products themselves. This allows the user to give more opportunities to navigate the store itself.

AWD Weight / Country Shipping. plugin adds the function of cost management for delivery of the goods. It creates value at the rate of the total weight of the goods.

Groups. All users of your online store can be grouped into certain groups: members of the family, VIP-clients, and so on.

Accepted Payment Methods. plugin that is designed to determine the available and necessary methods of payment for goods and services.

Order Delivery Date. plugin that is designed to control the date of delivery. Very good for those goods to be delivered on a specific date and time.


all of them you can download from the official catalog of plugins WordPress.


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