15% of American adults do not use the Internet


The famous American institutions Pew survey released on Wednesday said the latest report, 15% of American adults do not use the Internet or e-mail service.

  When asked why they do not use the Internet, 15% of the 34% of American adults believe that the Internet does not have relevance to their lives, calling on the Internet are not interested, do not want to use or do not need to use. That is, 5% of American adults believe the Internet has nothing to do with their lives. In addition, 32% of these people are saying do not use the Internet on the grounds that they think the Internet is not easy to use, the specific reasons, including access difficult or frustrating, not in terms of physical condition from the Internet, or worry about spam , malware and hackers. In addition, 19% of respondents citing afford can not afford a computer or network access fees, and 7% said it could not access to the internet.

  In these American adults do not use the Internet, 49% of those eligible to use the U.S. medical insurance (Medicare) program.

  The report also said that even in 85% of adults use the Internet, the access to the Internet experience is very different. For instance, although 76% of adults use the Internet at home, but there are still 9% can not access the network at home. These Internet users can access the network at home, there are many reasons, the most common is the problem of affordability: 44% saying there can not afford computers and other financial issues, or have a low-cost choice for outdoor access.

  The survey was conducted April 17 to May 19 carried out between the United States a total of 2,252 adults participated in the survey.

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